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Get Fit with Pilates Training

Enhance your physical and mental well-being with Pilates training from Fit4LifeStudios in Baldwin, New York. Find a training regimen that works for you, whether it's Pilates, corrective exercise training, or personal training under the supervision of a certified trainer with two decades of experience.

Pilates Training

You can increase your core strength, flexibility, and general muscle strength with Pilates training. It helps with coordination, posture, balance, and creating symmetry of the body. We have different packages available to suit everyone's needs, with the length depending on your health and goals. Packages can be customized to fit your physical needs as well as your budget. Contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.

Corrective Exercise Training

Everyone has muscular imbalances and impairments. Therefore, a personal training program should be customized to meet each person's needs. A corrective exercise training program is based on a postural, transitional, and functional assessment. The program can be developed to address the individual's muscular impairments and imbalances.

Personal Training

A personal training regimen can emphasize muscular strength, endurance, or flexibility, or any combination of the three. As with all of our training programs, your personal training will be tailored to fit both your body and what you want to get out of the training.

Zumba™ Dance Fitness

Ditch the workout and join the party! This is a fun, dance cardio fitness workout where everyone is welcomed to bring their own flavor and JUST DANCE!! Every class is a party! Your are invited!

Pilates Positions